Smart Contract Security Audit

The Blockchain Technology is evolving rapidly, so are the complexities of a Smart Contract.

Consistent systematic auditing is key to mitigate all quantifying risks.

We at BlokDen are experienced Smart Contract Security Auditors and Cyber Security Experts that help secure the projects life cycle.

Supported Language Solidity & Rust


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Core Services

BlokDen Audits

We offer an in depth Smart Contract Security Audit.

BlokDen Advisory

We help projects gain necessary traction with networking and partnerships across the blockchain eco-system and beyond.

BlokDen KYC

Our comprehensive KYC process helps the project build trust amongst investors & the community.

BlokDen Audits

Auditing Service

Smart Contract Audit

Our team of security experts run an extensive code assessment to identify any potential threats and vulnerabilities using Manual & Automation methods to help secure Smart contract.

Penetration Testing

We conduct an extensive exploit exercise in a secured test environment to identify security threats and loopholes.

Applied Method

Pro Manual

An in depth code functionality review to examining each line of code thoroughly for any security gaps and business logic issues.

Advance Automation

Detect most common vulnerabilities like authorisation, Re-entrancy , Front running and other bug in the contract, using static and dynamic tools such as MythX, Mythril, Echidn, Slither and other custom proprietary tools.

What we offer

Standard Audit

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  • Basic Security Check
  • Quality auditing thats light on your pocket
  • Quick Turnaround Time (72hrs)

Advance Audit

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  • Highest Level of Security Check
  • Automated and Manual Testing Method
  • Extensive Threat Coverage
  • Turnaround Time 7-10 Days

Rush Audit

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  • A Dedicated Team of Security Goblins are Engaged
  • Compartmentalised approach to avoid compromise in quality
  • Quick Turnaround Time (48hrs)

Security Features

125+ Potential Threat Check

We go deep into the rabbit hole to find a vulnerability using our comprehensive vector checklist.

Detailed Audit Report

Provide an actionable comprehensive audit report with Low, Medium and High risk factors.

Support All EVM Compatible Projects

We support and secure all EVM chain compatible projects on Layer 1 and Layer 2

On Demand Free Re-Audit

We offer On Demand Free Re-Audit, because we know even updating a single line of code can make the Smart Contract vulnerable

On Time Audit Report Delivery

We value your time and deliver what we promise. Our timeline varies depending on your contract code complexities and size.

Auditing Process


To understand if the code works as intended, We gather initial documentation like Source Code, WhitePaper, Technical Specification and business logic.


We run initial test cases on a functional level, using industry standard and custom automation tools.


Our team of security experts will scrutinise each line of code for any vulnerabilities like front running, external call attack etc.


An Initial Report is drafted with all the finding during the Audit Process with Severity Level.


The project team fixes the code based on the initial report 


Post confirmation of the vulnerability fixes, Our team re-test your contract and draft the final report

BlokDen Advisory

  • Advisory
  • Service

We are an integral part of quality DeFi projects.

Providing strategic consultation to optimise business opportunities offering exceptional end to end blockchain solutions to help empower project growth with Networking and Partnerships in the blockchain eco-system.

Unsure of what's next for your project !

BlokDen Advisory is enhancing the blockchain space with endless connections. Creating multiple networking models & unique integrations to accelerate the project roadmap. 

Our team gets you connected with top-notch : IDO Launchpads,  Decentralised Venture Capitalists,  Exchanges,  Staking & Farming Protocol.

Also Offering

PR Marketing & Social Media Analytics

BlokDen KYC

  • KYC
  • Process
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BlokDen KYC is powered by advance machine learning and AI to identify quickly and effectively.

Our KYC process is seamless and provides secure authentic validation for the project team members. Increasing credibility amongst communities and investors. 

BlokDen KYC process involves a range of enhanced due diligence measures like :

*ID Verification : Fraud / Photoshop Check

*Standard Document OCR

*Active Liveness Verification

*Biometric Face Match Verification

*Geolocation Check

*Address Verification (PoA)

We store all collected information in a secured encrypted decentralised data storage platform, Maintaining strict data storage guidelines.

As we do not have any control over the action of a project. In case of rug or any financial criminal activity, stored document and details will be shared with the community on request.

"Building Trust In Blockchain"

About us


At BlokDen we are team of cyber security experts specialize in Blockchain Security focused on providing enhanced security services with our combine years of experience.

Securing the web & blockchain technology since 2011

We are dedicated towards revolutionising blockchain security.

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